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A trip to Cebu would not be complete without seeing Chari, my good friend whom I've met during my Selecta days. We were office mates and neighbors: we both stayed in Grand Palazzo in Eastwood (I lived with Pauline, while Chari shared the space with her cousin) when she was moved to the head office. She was eventually brought back to Cebu, which is her career wish.
Date saved!
So anyway, when I was there last September for ACC 2015, I had dinner with Chari in Al Fresco, a new foodie spot in Mactan. Over tacos, she told me that she wants me to sing at her wedding, set on January 2016. I said yes, of course! :) She actually asked me a long time ago, and I already said yes, but we didn't talk about it in much detail yet.

Chari knows well that I'm not a belter, and that's probably why she wants me to sing in the first place - she just wants a relaxed set that people can enjoy with their dinner. We haven't finalized a lineup yet, but she wants me to sing a few bossa nova songs.

As for accompaniment, well, I won't be flying anyone in anymore. There are a number of musicians from Chari's family that I can collaborate with, so I'll fly to Cebu a few days before the wedding to make sure we'll have enough time to practice. :)

Can't wait! :)


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