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Back in high school, I was part of a Catholic-Charismatic community that served the local parish in Bulacan. I was in the Music Ministry, so our service was to sing as a choir in one of the Sunday Masses. I went to Catholic schools, too, and I signed up for the glee club. That's where I learned even more songs.
I've never had to wear a costume, though.
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Singing for Church is not easy. It's not just about learning new songs; it's about learning them in different voices. I was an alto, so I frequently had to sing melody. However, for the songs when the sopranos take the melody, I had to be very careful: I shouldn't lose my own voice, but I also shouldn't overpower them. This was a big struggle for me, and most of the time, I end up abandoning my voice to sing melody, haha!

Before I finally left the choir community, I had several turns on the microphone as a soloist, mostly for Responsorial Psalms and for the Communion Songs. My favorite song was "Ito Ang Araw," a beautiful psalm that leaves me breathless each time I try to sing it now. I only managed to sing it perfectly once, and I never got to do it again.

Another favorite was the second voice for "Seek Ye First," a Gospel Acclamation song. I was the only one who knew how to sing the part, and as we only had an hour to go through the songs before the mass, I ended up doing it on my own. Because I was only one person, I had to use as much power as I could muster. It was the first time I felt exhausted after a song. Haha!

There are times when I consider joining the choir here in Greenbelt, but my erratic work schedule nips the idea in the bud. Besides, my choir leader back then pointed out that the texture of my voice was too husky/rough/raspy/whatever to blend with everyone else's. I loved singing for the choir, but by the time I set off for college, I've already come to terms with the hard truth that my voice was not made for group singing.


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