Fire tiger

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I mentioned before that I wanted a Fire Tiger tattoo, as I was born on that year in Chinese Zodiac (1986), but I didn't push through with it because I couldn't find one drawing that I wanted. Being a wordsmith, I initially wanted it tattooed on me in ancient Chinese calligraphy. But because I don't really know the language, I feared that I might get it wrong. Tattoo removal is too costly, so I didn't want to take the risk.
First peg
(image from the internet)

Second peg
(image from the internet)
Also, Andy pointed out that if I kept getting word tattoos, I will look like a walking encyclopedia. Haha! He told me that I could ask Karla for help, and so I did. I always designed my own tattoos, so it really didn't occur to me that I could consult her about the design. I asked for her email address, and at 3am, I emailed her the pegs.

We have yet to talk about it, actually - I didn't want to bug her too much because she's a full time student as well as a tattoo artist. But if Andy's tattoo is any indication, I know she'll have something awesome for me. So now it's just a matter of flying my butt to Dumaguete, and getting ready for the pain (the small tattoo I got on my rib was REALLY painful). Can't wait to get it done! Woohoo!


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