FTF / #MindaNOWorNever: Siargao Islands, part 2

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Bucas Grande is about a couple of hours away on boat from Dapa Port. The trip there, in itself, was a treat: early morning sun, deep blue seas, and islands with thick forests met my gaze at each turn. The air was as fresh as it could ever be, and I could feel my body getting rejuvenated, healing with each deep breath. For a few minutes, I even indulged in meditation. 
Just passing by.
When we finally got there, my jaw involuntarily dropped to my chest with what I saw. I'm not even going to try to describe it for you; I don't have the words. Just look at the photo below:
I mean, REALLY.
Waters so clear
Look Ma, NO STING!
We registered at the headquarters, where we also rented the boats to take us all over Bucas Grande. Hannah and I scheduled our adventure off-season, which proved to be beneficial in so many ways: the rates were low and we had the whole place to ourselves. The first thing lined up for us was swimming with the stingless jellyfish. Our boatmen told us that, during the summer, there were a lot of jellyfish, but we were happy with what we saw. It's a good thing I'm too lazy to wear sunblock, because apparently, they won't allow you to swim if you applied lotion, because it could kill the jellyfish!
Come in, all ye who dare enter
The Marker
 After the jellyfish, we headed back to the headquarters to switch to a motorized boat that would take us to Sohoton Cove. Another reason why it was critical for us to go there early is because the only way to get into the cove is through a cave, which is only visible when the tides are low. Crossing the cave was like entering another world, because really, it kind of was: boulders covered in plant life seemed to float on clear blue waters.
Keep your head low as you swim!
Some GoPro fun
Our first stop inside the cove was the Luminous Cave, where we went swimming. The light source was pretty amazing: the water reflected the light coming from the mouth of the cave, letting us see the place as though we were wearing night-vision goggles. Splashing water to the direction of the cave opening created sparkling light effects that was just so beautiful to look at. Another thing to note about the cave is the different water temperatures - the water gets cooler as you swim deeper.
Right before the jump!
We went to another cave, which they call the Diving Cave. We parked our boat outside, and then we swam in. It was very dark; it wasn't luminous like the previous one so we only relied on a couple of flashlights. At the end of the cave, we climbed up to get to the exit. It was a very short climb, but it was pretty challenging, too! And when we finally saw daylight again, the next thing to do was to jump. It wasn't very high but it still took a lot of guts to actually leap; the water was so clear that you could see the underwater cliff.
Finally, FOOD!
After those two caves, we cruised around some more before we headed back to the headquarters. We went through the same cave to exit the cove. We had lunch in the restaurant there - freshly-caught fish in hot broth with vegetables, yummy!

(End of part 2)


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