FTF / #MindaNOWorNever: Siargao Islands, part 3

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After Bucas Grande, I was ready to just sit and relax. I wanted to just sit in a cafe by the beach, sipping iced coffee while writing about the otherworldly experience. But Siargao had so much more to offer, and our host, Hannah, won't let us pass that up. We went island hopping, and our first stop was Naked Island. It's a lot like White Island in Camiguin - it's a humongous sand bar with absolutely no shade. So, yay, sunburn. Haha!
No shade. 
We stayed for a good thirty minutes - we took the mandatory good tourist photo set, then we went swimming the rest of our stay. We had a bit of fun playing with the migrant birds; we would wait for them to land, and when they're just chilling, we'll run to them and then they'd start flying. We're not trying to harm them or anything of the sort - it was just so beautiful to watch them fly. They formed a V, like ducks!
Powdery white sand
Next island on our list is called Dako, which literally translates to "big" (or so I'm told). It's the biggest of our three stops. The side where we landed looked like a huge dike made of powdery white sand. We walked until we reached the flatter part of the island, where there were people (we were the only ones in Naked Island when we went) lounging on the shore. It wasn't crowded; I think the ratio of the number of tourists to the size of the place was just right.
Sand here, rock pools on the other side
Finally, we went off to Guyam Island. This was my favorite because of the rock formations similar to the ones we saw in Magpupungko Beach - a quiet reminder that the world has existed long before I did, and will continue to exist long after I'm gone, and all I am, really, is a speck of dust. But I'm one lucky, lucky speck of dust.

It was painful to step on the rock formations - they were sharp and they were very hot - so we had to be very careful. We didn't stay long because Hannah wanted to go surfing, and we had to head back to General Luna for her to catch the big waves. I say her, because sadly, I didn't get to join her. The whole #MindaNOWorNever trippy was a working vacation for me, and I had an urgent deadline that day.
Sunrise, next day.
Which isn't so bad, because at that time, my wrist injury from jiu-jitsu was plaguing me - it wouldn't have been advisable to go surfing even if I could. I stayed in our hotel, did my work, and got to rest a little, too - perfect for the next day, for our early start for the next chapter of our adventure.
Our dinner date - REEF the Doberman!
On our last night there, we had dinner at Buddha Restaurant. Food was a bit pricey for Siargao standards (everything else there was pretty cheap!), but it was very good. The best part of that dinner, however, was becoming friends with Reef - a beautiful Doberman. The owners told me not to give him food, so I just scratched his tummy! Haha! And after dinner, Reef walked us back to our resort - how sweet is that? :)


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