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Last June, I had to make a difficult decision: I had to choose between buying a new gi or getting health insurance. I was eyeing a really sharp white Vulkan, and it was so nice that I even dreamed about it at the time. But my saner, more mature side prevailed, and so I wrote a check to an HMO. One letdown of being a freelancer is I have to pay for my own medical insurance, and because it's a personal account, it's pricey, too.
Grown-up decision!
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But it's still so much cheaper than a trip to the hospital for, say, dengue. Without a card, I would easily drop anywhere between Php40,000 to Php50,000. My policy only costs me Php28,000 a year (Php7,000 per quarter, so it's not heavy at all).

I shared here that I underwent physical therapy for my back and for my wrist injury, but I didn't get to mention until now that I didn't have to spend a single centavo - not on the diagnostic check-up, not on the x-rays, not on the therapy sessions. I just showed up, armed with my HMO card, and I got the medical attention I needed.

For the record, I'm not selling health insurance, and I'm definitely not endorsing any provider. I am, however, urging all my self-employed friends (entrepreneurs and fellow freelancers) to make the smart choice. Not all providers are the same, so do your research; get quotes from several providers, compare the benefits, and pick one that suits you best.


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