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Last October, a couple of weeks before Artesuave Manila, I joined Libre Fighting Philippines' Intro to Knife-Fighting Seminar held at Functional Fitness - Makati. Our instructor, Dr. Sixto Carlos, is the co-founder of Carlos Hermanos Kali Eskrima and is the Chapter Head for the Philippines of Libre Fighting.
First class
Libre Fighting is a system developed in San Diego, California designed for small knives and for close-quartered combat. It holds the distinction of being the most direct knife-fighting system there is. The techniques were very simple, but they weren't easy, especially for first-timers like myself. Because the movements were very new to me, I was sweating like a pig halfway through the seminar (like I always do in jiu-jitsu).

I've had a lot of good teachers throughout my lifetime, and after that one seminar, Doc Sixto easily made that list; anyone who focuses and listens will get what he's teaching. But what I really appreciate about him is how he keeps things real. During the introduction, he told us that he doesn't teach "knife disarming" because there's no such thing (don't believe the movies - those guys are ACTORS). He further shared that he's teaching offensive and not defensive methods because he's not in the business of teaching people how to die.
The day after the seminar, I posted a photo of my heavily-bruised forearm on Facebook, and my private message inbox got flooded with inquiries on how to join. Haha! It's so weird that when I promote something that's supposedly "fun," I don't get as enthusiastic a response as when I share something that looks (and is) really painful. Haha!

Segue: I joined a course before for a different self-defense system (I won't say which one), and the instructor told us a story of how he was attacked by three people with machetes and he disarmed them. I listened like a good student, but in my head, I called BS. I don't know much about combat, but if you think about it, when you're being attacked by three people with machetes, the dumbest thing you can do is to try to fight or disarm them. I'm brave, but I'm not stupid so I would most definitely RUN. (By the way, I didn't attend the succeeding sessions of the course after that class.)
Second class
Back to Libre, after the October seminar, I accidentally signed up (long story) for the one in November, still in Functional Fitness - Makati. And after that, I've been training twice a week with my good friend Alfred (an instructor trained by Doc Sixto). It's painful and addictive.

They're holding more seminars in 2016, starting March, but they will have the last one for 2015 on December 12 in Forge: Martial Fitness in BF Homes, Paranaque. If you're interested, visit their Facebook page for more information.

If you invest in further studies and/or specialized training to help you grow in work, then you would understand and appreciate the value of investing in a Libre Knife-Fighting Seminar. Knife-fighting is a life skill. Fact of the matter is, the world isn't as safe a place as it once was, so yeah, it can't hurt to learn how to fight.


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