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My schedule could sometimes get in the way of my attempts at healthy eating, so to make things a little easier for me, I would cook enough chicken breast fillet to last me for about three to four meals. I would reheat a piece and eat it with red rice and/or some vegetables, but my go-to meal is a chicken veggie wrap. 
Breakfast of Champions/Hidden Mickey
It only takes five minutes to prepare one (granted, of course, that the chicken is already cooked). I just flake the chicken breast fillet, chop up tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, wrap it in whole wheat soft tortilla, and BOOM - I have a healthy and delicious meal. I throw in some lettuce when I stumble upon a fresh batch in the grocery. I skip the dressing, but for those who can't live without it, I suppose a light vinaigrette would do nicely.

The key ingredient in the wrap is the chicken breast fillet, but the problem with it is that it's easy to overcook it. I've had to force myself to eat dry, paper-like chicken until I figured out how to cook it properly. It starts with thawing. I don't use a microwave or any heat-generating device; I wait for the chicken to thaw on its own.

When it's thawed, I marinate the chicken for a minimum of 8 hours, maximum of 24, in a mix of white vinegar, soy sauce, oregano, basil, and chili powder. I usually use more vinegar than soy sauce because my taste buds are sensitive to salty food, and I don't ever scrimp on spices! I don't really have prescribed amounts for each of the ingredients, so if you want to try this, just tweak it to suit your taste.

Cooking is the tricky part. I take a regular pan and grease it lightly with olive oil (but hey, canola oil would do just fine, too). I fry the chicken in low heat, and I cover the pan to make sure that it gets cooked evenly. I let it sit for about three to five minutes depending on the thickness of the fillet. I flip it over and I cover the pan for another three minutes. Again, the key here is to cook in low heat. :)

Try it! :)


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