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Gigs have been few and far between for Manaha this year - I started the year focused on jiu-jitsu, and then I shifted my attention to work, and then  I took a month off to travel all over the insanely beautiful Mindanao. Gershwin's pretty busy, too, balancing his work and family life, while Bok also traveled a bit.

Despite that, I still used my voice well with voice over work. A huge chunk of it is for the events that we're working on. I'm a scriptwriter most of the time, but I don't mind reading a few lines on the microphone - as long as I get to stay anonymous behind the tech booth. I can't say I'm good at it, but I'm sure I've improved from my first "gig" three years ago. These days, I can say for certain that I'm able to deliver the minimum requirement.

Feedback has been mixed. Some compliment me for having a "calm and soothing" voice, while others say they find the pitch too high. I've been told once that I deliver my lines like I were British - deadpan - but without the accent. Haha! Different events have different requirements. I like understated announcements over the variety show types mainly because I do the former better. But if I want to cash in on this, I have to practice, practice, practice.
Mic test
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And for the first time in my life, I got to try doing voice over work for an AVP for a local art gallery. My friend Martin, who got to hear me do voice over work at ACC in Cebu this year, randomly messaged me to ask if I wanted the gig. I'm not in the position to say no to money, so of course I said yes!

It took us three hours to record three pages worth of material. We had to do a lot of retakes because (1) I sucked HAHA and (2) we recorded in a house, so each time there was noise in the background, we had to do a re-take. After 75 takes, we finally called it a wrap. By then I was so hungry, that when I received my fee, I dragged my sorry ass to Tapa King for a Royal Meal. I had a good excuse: it was 1030pm already and I haven't had dinner, plus I had to rush off to ingress for another event. So yay!

Hope I land more voice over gigs! :)


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