The Proust Questionnaire #18

12:00:00 AM

Question: Who is your favorite hero of fiction?

I may be young, but I've seen enough betrayals and redemptions to know and appreciate that nothing is ever as simple as black and white. Hence, I no longer have any affinity with the typical, clear-cut heroes in the stories I grew up reading. I've grown to love characters of true depth - those who want to do or be good but are forced to make compromises every so often, those who are not particularly kind-hearted but just.

So my favorite hero is not exactly a hero; one might even call him an anti-hero: Sherlock Holmes. I grew up reading Nancy Drew Mystery Books, but her sleuthing pales in comparison to Holmes's methods and mental prowess. Sherlock is no hero; he's actually quite mean, and definitely very difficult to be with. He's overly practical and frequently ruthless, too. But he uses his powers of deduction to do good things, to help Scotland Yard bring criminal elements to justice.

He may be a work of fiction, but Sherlock is a great reminder of how even the seemingly intolerable people are truly capable of a lot of good.

Who is your favorite hero of fiction?


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