FTF / #MindaNOWorNever: Mati, Davao Oriental

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After Hinatuan Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls, Hannah and I boarded a bus for another long trip. We were supposed to meet with our friend Jules in Davao City, but he wanted to save us a couple of hours, so he met with us in Tagum City instead. And from there, we drove to Mati, Davao Oriental. It was already late, so we went straight to Dahican Beach, where Hannah and I rented a tent.
We woke up to the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen.

Jules came back for us so we could all have breakfast, after which we drove to the old airport, which is operated by the Mindanao Saga Flying Club, for the ride of a lifetime! When I was little, my mother bought me the set of Charlie Brown's Encyclopaedia, and volume 15 focused on the history of flying. The ultralight plane reminded me of the Wright Brothers' kit plane!
Kit Plane
Captain King was our pilot for that day (he kinda looked like Little Finger from Game of Thrones). Jules told us that Cap was a top exec for one of the biggest petroleum companies operating in the Philippines, but he decided to leave all that to pursue his passion for flying.

A GoPro was attached to the wing on my side of the plane to take video footage of the entire flight. I got to take a number of photos with my phone from up there, as well. I was on the air for a good 15 minutes or so, and every moment was just amazing. Mati is such a beautiful place, moreso when seen from that vantage point.
More green
The coconut plantations spanned acres and acres of land, and the lush green was just refreshing to the eyes. The mango trees looked like broccoli stalks. The beach was a long, beautiful strip of fine white sand meeting crystalline blue waters. We flew low above water, and I waved at the children swimming and the fishermen on their boats.
Sleeping Dinosaur
Before leaving Mati for another flying adventure in General Santos, Hannah, Jules, and I stopped quickly at a cliff on the side of the highway to get our photo taken by the Sleeping Dinosaur.


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