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When I hit the brakes on jiu-jitsu some time June last year, it never meant that I loved the sport any less. But work is my priority, and it will remain so until I could afford for it to take a backseat. There was even one night back in October when I got called to work right before training started, just as I was about to put on a gi. So after numerous failed attempts to get back on the mats, you can't imagine how happy I was to finally be able to roll again.
My friend Jojo, the man behind HeadBlade in the Philippines (you should check out the super cute mini car razor!), organized an introductory seminar for jiu-jitsu in A Space, a co-working office right at the heart of Makati. I felt like a kid in a candy store: I was deliriously happy! I pretty much forgot all the techniques I've already learned, so it felt a lot like my first day back in January. But it didn't matter; I was just grateful that I finally had the time to train.

Jojo organized the seminar to spread the love of jiu-jitsu, and I was delighted to be part of it. The turnout was pretty good - and half the attendees were ladies! Myron and Marcus, the coaches of Deftac WAP, led the seminar. They shared a handful of techniques that were both easy to learn and very practical.


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