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Since I first put on boxing gloves in 2014, I've been crazy about martial arts. What started out as an activity to help me get in shape became a positive addiction. After boxing, I tried and got hooked on jiu-jitsu, and although I took a four-month break from it, I'm back and I'm as in love with it as I was when I started. I've also dabbled with combatives, first with Krav Maga and then Libre Fighting.

I pretty much stuck with jiu-jitsu and Libre, and although training can be quite painful, I kept coming back. I want to be really good at both, and I knew that the only way to do that is through strength training and overall conditioning. But I didn't want any run-of-the-mill program, though - I wanted one that will specifically help my progress in jits and knife.
(photo from Jericho Viejo)
I enlisted the help of my friend, Jericho (well, he also kinda enlisted my help, too - he needed to test his fitness program on people of various fitness levels) to reach my goal. He is one of the owners of Forge: Martial Fitness, a new gym in BF Homes Paranaque. It opened just this month, but since early December 2015, I've been training there once or twice a week.

The program I'm doing is called Warrior Conditioning. All the exercises are intended to turn me into - what else? - a warrior! It's fun, but it's not easy; I go home with aching ribs and jelly limbs each time. The results are almost unbelievable - by the third workout, I already felt much stronger. I think it works the same way as jiu-jitsu and Libre drills - you get better with quality reps - but here we add a considerable amount of resistance. Another thing I like about the program is that it taught me to pace myself when working out.

If you want a different way to achieve your fitness goals this year, drop by Forge. Aside from the Warrior Conditioning, they also offer martial arts and combatives classes. Check them out on Facebook for more information. :)


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