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Suicide is a very personal issue for me. I shared in this blog that my mother attempted it when I was younger, when she learned of my father's infidelity. I got lucky that her attempt was foiled, and that she lived until I was 23 (she died of cancer in 2010). But the experience changed me instantly and significantly. Of course I was traumatized, but I somehow managed to find the silver lining.
The story is not yet over.
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In 2007, I lost a friend to suicide, as well. The day before he took his life, we talked about billiards. He wanted to buy my Minnesota Fats Custom Cue (a 22oz. classic given to me by my cousin, Ruther) for his son for Christmas, and we agreed on a price. So when I heard about what happened, I couldn't believe it. I was so frustrated at myself, because there might have been a cry for help in our conversation that I missed. When I went to the wake, I sought out his son and gave the cue stick to him, telling him his father wanted him to have it.

A few months back, I saw in my Tumblr feed a tattoo trend: the semicolon. People were getting it to show their support in the campaign to stop suicide. The punctuation mark separates two closely-related independent clauses. Although both clauses are complete thoughts on their own, the writer chooses not to end the first thought just yet even though he or she could have.

The story goes on, life goes on - and if the tattoo reminds the people around me (the ones I love and the ones I just randomly encounter) of that, then it's well-worth the space on my skin.


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