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I can say without ego that I am NOT an impulse buyer. I can spend an entire day in the mall and leave without buying anything. I'm the type who would wait until my shoes disintegrate beyond repair before I buy new ones. Whenever I'm tempted to buy something, I don't buy it right away - I let a week or two pass before I purchase just to make sure that I want it badly enough. My best friend, Joandrea, commends me for my self-control.

But I do have a weakness for cheap, pre-loved books. HAHA!
One random day last year, as I was walking to the tricycle station in Kamagong St., I chanced upon a guy who sells books on the street. Sidewalk, to be precise (haha!) - all the books were laid out over a thin blanket. He had a lot of good titles, and as I browsed and took my picks, he told me that I got really lucky because he had just finished setting up when I found him - the good titles sell fast. I learned that the hard way: I arrived late on their next sale, so my choices were limited. But I still got a good haul.

With the bulk purchases from the street bookseller, I have a lot of books sitting on my shelf, waiting for their turn to be read. So I guess I also need to start controlling my book spending this year. Haha!


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