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If you're ever looking for light reading, I can assure you that Ayn Rand's work is not what you want. Haha! While Milan Kundera will be my forever literary love, I knew I had to make room for Ayn Rand a few pages into The Fountainhead. I'm glad I only got to read the book this late in life; I would not have had the maturity to handle it had I stumbled upon it earlier.
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Architecture is the backdrop that the author used to flesh out objectivism, the philosophical system that she developed. The story revolves around Howard Roark, an architect who chooses to struggle in obscurity and in poverty rather than compromise his vision as an artist, as a creator. His unwillingness to bend to tradition-worship and to altruism made Roark a public enemy - he was labeled an egotist.

We define egotist as someone who is self-centered - and my Catholic upbringing taught me to reject it. We put such a premium on living for other people that prioritizing one's self is seen as the root of evil. But is it really such a despicable thing to be centered in the self? In Roark's statement in court, he defends the morality of selfishness.

This book is a must-read for any critical thinker out there.


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