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Although I'm not a reggae fan, I love going to Reggae Wednesdays at Hayahay whenever I'm in Dumaguete - it's mandatory for anyone who wants the complete island experience! :) Reggae did not originate in the Philippines (it's from Jamaica, and it came to be in the 60s), but it's a perfect fit for Dumaguete's chill, laidback island life. The local bands are absolutely incredible. You don't necessarily have to like reggae to have a great time - all you really need is an appreciation for good music.
I was in Dumaguete earlier this month, so of course I went to Hayahay on the Wednesday I was there. There were three bands in the lineup - the first was Willfreedo, a local group that was actually one of the acts featured in third release of The Belltower Project. My friend Nat (who's also the Queen B of the project), told me to listen closely when the band started playing one of their original songs, Dumzville.

I don't speak Bisaya (but it's in my bucket list to learn how, since I'm planning to retire in Dumaguete), so I didn't understand the song word for word. But with the few words I got, matched with my love for the island (the same love that the band has for Duma, I'm sure) and the distinct sound character of a local band, I somehow understood what the song was about.

Nat told me that I should listen to the song whenever I'm missing Dumaguete. I just did, and now I'm dreaming of the next opportunity to go back.


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