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I actually do have another: The Belltower Project.
Love your own.
(photo borrowed from Belltower Project's Facebook page)
Jerry told me about it on my second visit to Dumaguete, and I even got to accidentally sit in on one of their meetings. Haha! That's when I met "everybody" - the typical introduction of "Everybody, this is Isay! And Isay, this is everybody!" Then everybody says hi. So yeah, I didn't really get to know anyone then. Haha!

When I visited in September 2015, I met Natalie (again, but for real this time), their Queen B! I sat in on one of their meetings - Andy brought me - and I actually got the chance to ask questions and really know more about their group and what their trying to accomplish. A collective of musicians and music lovers in Dumaguete, The Belltower Project was founded to encourage and promote original music from the island.

On one of my frequent trips to Dumaguete, I met Anna, a Belltower Project alumnus. Her story's pretty awesome: she was ready to stop making music once and for all, if it weren't for the project. She recorded a track for the third release, and since then, she has been steadily working as a musician.

Aside from the music (I mean, really - Dumaguete musicians are the shizz!), what I really admired about this group is that their passion translated to action. I'm so fed up with people who are supposedly passionate but won't move a finger to get things done, so being around this group was just downright inspiring. They've done a lot for the local music scene so far, and the best part is they're just getting warmed up.

To know more about them, visit their Facebook page.

Cheers to Nat, Hope, Andy, and the rest of The Belltower Project! Woohoo!


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