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Immediately after turning the last page of The Fountainhead, I picked up another Ayn Rand novel - Atlas Shrugged. I'm taking my sweet time reading it, because it's a far cry from a Paulo Coelho novel. HAHA! Anyway, I was 92 pages in when I encountered two sentences that blew my mind:
His attitude was not: "I can do it better than you," but simply: "I can do it." What he meant by doing was doing superlatively.
Those words really left a mark on me (and I left a mark on the book by underlining it with my trusty fountain pen).
Another thick one
Reading that led to a Eureka moment, and it was exactly what I need right now: I've set a lofty goal for 2016, and the only way I'm going to reach it is by saying yes to opportunities, figuring them out, and doing them superlatively.


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