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I'm a huge fan of the hit television series Suits because of how it shows the different dynamics of mentor-mentee relationships. I've had a string of mentors throughout my short lifetime. The first person that I consider my mentor is Mrs. David - my poetry and speech coach back in the second grade. For a couple of months after school, I would spend an hour a day with her to practice "This is My Father's World" by Maltbe Babcock for the school's declamation contest.

To be honest, I hated being stuck with her back then - all I really wanted to do was play. In hindsight, however, I realized that she taught me so much more than just how to properly recite poetry. Every time I get asked how I learned to speak the way I do, Mrs. David and her horn-rimmed glasses come to mind.
He's Harvey to my Mike!
Most of my mentors are my teachers and my bosses. I didn't exactly look for them, nor did I ask them for guidance - it was expected of them. They weren't consciously mentoring me, either - I just took what they gave and made the most of it. So yeah, I'm an incredibly lucky person, and late last year, I got even luckier: I found a new mentor, and he was determined to help me.

Three of my friends were among his mentees, and they spoke of him fondly. They said they learned so much from him, and that he helped set them straight. I knew then that I wanted to meet him, but I didn't pursue it aggressively because the guys told me that he was a very picky man - and that they weren't sure if he would even like me because I was an oddball.

But again, I'm a very lucky person, so yeah, I somehow passed the man's standards. Haha! When he asked if I wanted to be coached, I naturally said yes, and I've since become his most eager student. As a way of saying thank you, I made him two promises. First, that I will pay it forward - that I will become someone else's mentor when I have the maturity for it. And second, I will not use for evil what he will teach me. I fully intend to keep both.


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