FTF / #MindaNOWorNever Continued: Dipolog City

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The Great Mindanao Adventure was cut short for me because I had to go to Cebu at the end of August for work. I missed the rest of the tour of Zamboanga City. But because Hannah is such a wonderful person through and through, she made it a point to keep me updated via social media, tagging me in all her location photos. :) Shoutout to the awesomest travel planner and buddy EVARRR!!!

When the Cebu event was over, I headed straight to Dumaguete City to visit my friends. And the moment I saw the sign, "Welcome to Dumaguete City!" from my bus window, I burst into tears. Until that moment, I didn't really have the chance to sit down and truly understand just how physically, mentally, and emotionally tired I was from the crazy Mindanao itinerary to the week of non-stop work in Cebu.

I've said it before - no other place patches me up the way Dumaguete does - and that time was no exception. After a couple of days spent walking along the boulevard, listening to local music, hanging out with friends, and enjoying food, I was good as new. So good, in fact, that I decided to continue #MindaNOWorNever.

Dapitan was a three-hour ferry ride away from Dumaguete. I bought a ticket for the 3am voyage and I slept through most of it. When I woke up, the sun was up, and I was in Dapitan. I took a habal-habal from the port to the highway, and from there, I took a bus to Dipolog City.
Being a former Rizal geek, I'll admit that my priority was Dapitan, but Dipolog was less than 20 minutes away so I decided to make a quick stop. I passed by their boulevard facing the sea, and because it was a gloomy day, I decided not to stay long. I looked for the restaurant slash art gallery that Hannah told me I HAD TO see: Galeria Indelecia.
Inviting to the artsy soul
She was right, of course - not that I had any doubt that she was. I don't express my creativity in a visual way, but I do have an appreciation for unusual art, furnishings, and details because they do inspire my writing. Galeria Indelecia felt like home for my imagination - the place gave me comfort because it embraced the different.
I want this in my room!
No face
I had a cup of coffee and a sandwich, and then I headed back to Dapitan. Before I did, I met with one of the custodians of the place, and he invited me to join their group on a hike. I didn't have time nor money nor gear, so I declined, and he said I should feel free to come back anytime. I plan to go back with Hannah and take him up on the invitation.


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