FTF / #MindaNOWorNever: Davao City

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Okay, so Hannah and I didn't even get to spend one whole day in Davao City - we merely had about 18 hours. We got there late in the evening, so all we could really do was grab dinner, sleep, have breakfast, then fly to Zamboanga City. But because the kids from Deftac Davao are very close to my (Tita) heart, I made it a point to see them!

I bugged Gelbert to tell the rest of the gang that I was on my way there from General Santos, and that I wanted to see the team. There was no way I could train anymore, as I was exhausted from being on the road for six hours. Besides, I didn't have a gi with me.
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I couldn't figure out my camera. Sorry this is blurred
Gelbert picked us up from S&R Davao and brought us to Huckleberry, a relatively new restaurant and watering hole in the city. The food was a bit pricey, but man, it was worth every cent! I ordered chicken and waffles (BECAUSE I CAN, DAMMIT) - a great choice, as they nailed the southern-style fried chicken perfectly.
The Dojo!
Hannah was too tired to join us at the gym, so we dropped her off at the hotel first. Since my last visit, Deftac Davao moved to a newer and better dojo - one that's really their own! The new gym is awesome, and I felt bad about not being able to train. I really have to go back!

After breakfast, Hannah and I headed to the airport to fly to Zamboanga, where our Selecta loves welcomed us like freakin' royalty.


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