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I started the year with a trip: On January 1st, I hopped on a plane bound for Cebu, because my dear friend Chari was getting married on the 4th. But because no trip to Cebu would be complete without a side trip to Dumaguete, I spent a total of 12 days out of town. I'm planning on doing that every year, haha!

Being away for that long meant that my workout regimen (jiu-jitsu, knife-fighting, and warrior conditioning) got interrupted. Although I stayed active with activities like canyoneering and hiking, my body still craved an actual workout. So I laced up my trusty running shoes to go for a nice early evening run along Rizal Boulevard.

I don't know if it's just me, but the boulevard seems to get a little shorter with each visit, so I ran the same path six times over. I did some planks on one of the benches there, too. I was okay with that workout, but as I walked back to my hostel, I passed by the playground in front of Dumaguete Cathedral and I saw MONKEY BARS!
Back to my childhood!
My instructor for Libre Fighting, Dr. Sixto Carlos, gave me a goal - to be able to do pull-ups! I can do about three to four chin-ups (the one with the underhand grip), but I can't do a single pull-up (the one with the overhand grip). Although the latter is also technically a back exercise, it also activates the biceps and the pecs. If I want a stronger core, I have to be able to do pull-ups.

Knowing full well that I can't do pull-ups yet, I did three sets of four chin-ups on the monkey bars. Before I walked home, however, I tried to do a pull-up, and I only managed to do half of one (which is a nicer way of saying, "I failed miserably at the attempt"). Haha! I went back after a couple of days to try again, and the results were the same.

I'm back in the city now, and I'm STILL working on that goal. Wish me luck!


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