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My friend and teammate Louie introduced me to Faburrito. I LOVE THE NAME. It's like a fabulous burrito. Or your favorite burrito. Or simply, your favorite. My punny side is pleased. Haha! Okay, seriously now - I've been walking past Faburrito in The Columns on my way to Rustan's Supermarket - Alphaland Place since I moved to my current address, but I've never actually tried eating there until that lunch meeting with Louie.
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When Louie and I were talking about where to have our meeting, I told him I was trying to lose some of the weight that I packed on from a vacation. He suggested Faburrito (he actually has a loyalty card, haha!), as the restaurant offers healthy and yummy food choices. Well, that, and because it was conveniently located near his office/my condo.

I had a chicken bowl, which is what I've been having every visit since. I'm inclined to try the other items on the menu, but I really like the chicken so it may take a while for me to get over it. :) It's affordable, too - Php199 for a really filling bowl. All the ingredients are organic (don't panic!), so you don't have to worry about stuffing your face with genetically modified food. And oh - they donate 10% of their proceeds to charity. Pretty cool, eh?

Give Faburrito a try! Aside from The Columns, they have another branch on the third level of Bonifacio Stopover in BGC. :)


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