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When I'm really loaded with work, I usually end up skipping jiu-jitsu and Warrior Conditioning at Forge. Making things worse is my natural flair for stress-eating. Haha! Although I know "busy" is not a valid excuse, there are days when hitting the gym is just not mathematically possible - time, after all, is finite. So of course, I try to compensate, and the easiest way to do that is walking.
Take a walk
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My boss, Lendro, lives in San Antonio Village, Makati - a few kilometers away from where I stay. So whenever he calls for meetings in his home, I skip the trike ride and I just walk to his house. If it can be helped, I pick places in Makati CBD for my meetings to avoid having to commute. I walk to the grocery once a week, and I don't buy in bulk so I can just carry my purchases home (the weight adds resistance to my walking workout!).

Aside from exercise, walking keeps me from spending money on transportation, and it also spares me from the aggravation caused by traffic and by competing with my fellow commuters for ass space in a jeepney. When I'm in the middle of a big writing project and I find myself stuck, walking breaks are very helpful, too.

As if all those benefits are not enough, here's one more: I get to reduce my carbon footprint. :) It's amazingly simple - putting one foot in front of the other in a regular, relaxed rhythm - but what one can get out of it is pretty damn good. :)


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