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As a full-time pen for hire, it is of utmost importance that I recharge my mind by reading whenever I can, as much as I can. Books, articles, short stories - good or bad - are in their own way sources of inspiration. But sometimes, reading can also be limiting, because we all tend to interpret things from our own perspectives. And the key to shattering such limits is by opening one's mind - to other angles, to other ideas, to other people.
Open mind
That's the philosophy behind Love & Culture, the home decor, furniture and furnishings line that my friends Carla and Marvin Sia started late last year. It's not your grandmother's decor, you see (no offense to your grandmother, I'm sure she's awesome). The stuff they sell are the exact opposite of traditional, but all pieces are beautiful in their uncommon way.
My shelf! :)
Their first offering, Kranium Kollection, is a line of decorative skulls that can really spice up any living space. They're wonderfully brilliant pieces that lets one embrace and express uniqueness, because life is too short to be enslaved by the mundane.

Go get yours! Visit them on Facebook to check out the available designs. Or you can email them at to inquire.


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