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Working in events can be really stressful, but it does have its perks - like staying for free in luxury hotels! Woot! Aside from that, I love that I get to watch really awesome performances from some artists I listened a lot to growing up. And one evening last January, at the Customer Night of Republic Cement, I got to watch two OPM music queens perform live - R&B Queen Kyla, and Queen of Soul, Jaya.

Kyla was AMAZING. During rehearsals, she told us she was a bit scared about singing one of the songs in her repertoire - Defying Gravity from the hit musical Wicked - because it was her first time to cover the song. She didn't have any reason to worry, though - SHE FREAKING NAILED IT.
Kyla at rehearsals. Forgot to take a snap of Jaya!
Jaya, too, was pretty damn good. Hearing her deep, rich voice live made it clear to me how she earned the moniker. When I was a kid, I joined a singing contest and I sang her hit single, "Laging Naro'n Ka." I had to fight the impulse to go on full fangirl mode - after all, I was there for work.

Both ladies had such unique and powerful voices, and listening to them sing live was an absolute delight. :)


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