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If you've known me for a long time, then you will know that the one thing I never wear is NAIL POLISH. Every now and then, you'll see me in makeup (a lot more now since I'm doing some work for a makeup brand) and a nice dress, and maybe even heels. And yes, I've had some manicures, too. But you will never see my fingernails and toenails in color.

But since I like to try new things (I recently had my hair colored RED - can you believe that?!?!), I got my nails painted in my favorite color (green). Well, okay, that's not really why - I got talked into it by Kriska, the owner of Chic Shack - a lovely new spa in BF Homes, Paranaque. I was on my way home from training in Forge: Martial Fitness when I saw the spa, and because I had some time in my hands, I went in.
Cute, right? :)
All I really wanted was the basic manicure and pedicure that I always get wherever - no frills, just basic cleaning, so my nails won't make me look like I had just come from a construction site. HAHA! The last time I had nail polish applied was four (maybe five) years ago, and I rubbed the color off with acetone (which I learned from Kriska is a sin to your nails and your skin - oopsie) within an hour of getting it - the polish on my index finger got wrinkled when I used it to open a can of juice.
My bony, scary hand hahaha
I got the organic gel manicure (WHOAAA) done last February 20. Today's March 4, and the color is STILL INTACT. Not a chip or a scratch, despite: laundry, knife-fighting training, jiu-jitsu training, house-cleaning. It's AMAZING! It's official: I am now a believer of gel manicures.
They had sand on my hand soak. So cuuuuute
That's Kriska doing a quality check on my nails! 
The colors to choose from
Anyway, as I was getting my nails done, I got to chat a bit with Kriska. She told me that they had just opened their doors the Wednesday before my visit, and I was actually one of the first few customers. There are already a number of spas and nail salons in BF Homes (I know this because I'm there at least once a week), so I had to ask her why she decided to enter this line of business.

Aside from the manicure, I got a foot spa, too - my first in ages. I loved the foot soak - it has actual sand in it so you really feel like you're in the beach! The leg massage was pretty good, too (I just added Php60, I think), and with the complimentary coffee I was served (you can have tea if you don't like coffee), I don't think I've ever felt more pampered than at that moment. :)
Life's a beach!

With cream and sugar, please :)
Kriska is the target market of these nail salons and spas - she's every inch kikay. She told me that she's almost always disappointed in the places she goes to for her mani-pedis: it's either the cleaning is good but the polish application isn't, or vice versa. She can tell that some of those places actually re-use towels and cleaning implements for several customers WITHOUT sanitizing them first. GROSS!!!

So she decided to start Chic Shack to offer something different. Aside from fresh towels and sanitized cleaning implements, the place has an awesome Santorini-inspired beach ambiance. I love the color scheme - white and blue and a few touches of yellows - because really, one of the reasons why I hate walking into most other spas is too much pink. Haha!
Friendly rates! :)
I'm on this wall now! :)
The best thing about Chic Shack is their very reasonable rates. I learned from another friend that gel manicures could easily cost you Php500 in other nail salons, but here it's only Php350. Plus, they only use organic nail polish brands, which makes it safe for pregnant and lactating women to still have pretty nails. :)

This is so out of character for me to recommend a place where you can get an awesome manicure, but whatever - Chic Shack is worth it! I have yet to try their other services like massage and waxing, but if the kind of service I got from that mani-pedi is any indication, I'm sure I'll be very satisfied when I walk out.

They have a Facebook page that you can go to for inquiries. Chic Shack is located along President's Avenue, right across Puregold Supermarket South Park (it's on the second floor of EastWest Bank). Do give them a try! :)


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