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Last January, I flew to Cebu for my friend Chari's wedding, and of course I just had to take a side trip to Dumaguete! Haha! I think I should really move there already. Anyway, for that visit, I had quite a lot of things planned: to get tattooed, to train Libre with friends, to see the Balinsasayao Lake, and to go hiking. Recap: I didn't get a tattoo because Carla's machine conked out (which means I have to get two on my next visit, HAHA!), and I also didn't get to train Libre because I didn't have a lot of time.
The destination. Half of it.
The other half
But thanks to James and his mad planning skillz, I got to cross hiking off my list! Together with Enza and our expedition leader Jai, we hiked the Apolong Trail going to the Twin Falls, which was almost at the base of the Valencia side of Mount Talinis. It was my first ever hike, so of course I was totally unprepared. I died a little, but it's worth it. For me, the climb was easier than going down - the impact hurt my knees! :( But again, it was worth the pain.
Dumaguete from afar
On our first stop, my eyes soaked in the wonderful view of Dumaguete City from high up. I have no words for what I saw. Which is unacceptable, really, given that I write for a living.
Repurposed running shoes
The group was very nice to the new girl (me) - I think we stopped more times than we should have because of me! Haha! The forest was dense, and the ground was wet and muddy, so I had quite a number of slips. Luckily for me, I always managed to keep myself from landing on my face or my butt. By the time we got to the Twin Falls, I was already too cold that I couldn't swim anymore. James had to lend me his extra shirt so I wouldn't die of hypothermia.
Made from scratch in the middle of nowhere
James brought a lot of food, too, and that ensured my survival (again, I was unprepared). The guy is so awesome, he made PASTA. At the camp site. In the middle of the jungle. Where there was no mobile signal. YES, PASTA. He cooked the noodles and made the sauce from scratch. It was insane! He had all the ingredients, the pots, and the camping stove in his backpack. I can only imagine how heavy his bag must have been going up.
Jungle Book!
I was half-expecting Mowgli and Baloo to show up - we were, after all, in the jungle! :) Okay, so I've really run out of words to say already. The world is just awesome, isn't it? :)


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