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"Buy yourself a 12Kg kettlebell," said my knife instructor, Doc Six. And because I always try to be an obedient student, I did! I bought one from JB Sports in SM Megamall (at a 15% discount, woohoo!), and because I was hopelessly out of shape at the time of purchase, commuting home with 12Kg of weight in hand proved to be very, very challenging.
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I haven't been religiously working out since I bought it, because life. HAHA! I did manage to squeeze in a number of circuit sessions, and adjusting to the weight wasn't easy. At Forge, I only use a 10Kg kettlebell, so the additional 2Kg is a big deal. I had to really concentrate to keep my pace steady so I could do quality reps although I struggled with the weight.

When Doc Six instructed me to get the kettlebell, he also shared with me a YouTube video of a basic workout. It's pretty easy to follow and learn. It focuses on movements, not muscles, so I don't have to worry about bulking up. It's a cardio workout that combines whole-body functional training, strengthening every muscle from head to toe, so it easily complements my other sporting activities like knife-fighting and jiu-jitsu.

When I told Alfred that Doc Six instructed me to start kettlebell training, his response was, "He wants you to get stronger, because (insert martial art system here) relies on power." My workout goals have shifted in a major way as I got older and more mature. Being sexy is not the priority (it's just a side perk) - being STRONG is.

Jericho gave me additional circuit workouts I can do with my kettlebell, just to mix things up a little. I'm excited to finally fix my schedule so I can set a permanent workout time!

If you'd like to know more about kettlebell workouts, here are a couple of links that might help you:


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