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I recently bought myself a blender! :) The weeks leading to that was really hectic because of work: I don't get to exercise much, and to make things worse, I don't get to eat right. I've packed on pounds right around my midsection, and I've gotten quite sickly, too. So I called my BFF, Joandrea, for help. She told me that she starts her day with a fruit and veggie smoothie, and I figured it's something that I can do, too!
Now blending! :)
So on my next grocery trip to Cash & Carry, I decided to get a blender. I got one on sale - from the original price of Php4,995, it was being sold for Php1,695. Because I don't always have filters, I randomly asked the sales attendant if I could get it for just Php1,600. To my suprise, I got the additional discount! Haha!

From the grocery, I got cucumbers, carrots, apples, lemons, calamansi, and honey to make my morning smoothies with. Aside from those, I got French beans and kale, too - easy-to-cook foodies that will help make me healthier (I'll share the recipes here in my next HFT post).
Yum! :)
I have two go-to smoothies. The first one is my version of Cafe Mamia's cucumber slushie - click here for the recipe. The other is a mix of carrots (2), cucumber (1), and apple (1). I just throw them all in the blender, add a bit of water, and voila - I get a vitamin-rich orange goop that actually tastes pretty good! :)

My digestion is the first to benefit from this transition. :) Although I did not really try this thing to lose weight, I did shed a few pounds (my tummy's flatter, yay!) since I started. And I intend to continue this. Here's a tip: Make your smoothies for the day in the morning, so you don't have to keep making it for each meal. But be sure you consume it on the same day, otherwise, it might go bad.

Another tip: Have a smoothie before your regular meals. Some people have enough self-control to replace meals with smoothies - but not me. I will always look for food to chew. HAHA! But to reduce my hunger/cravings and therefore eat less, I down a smoothie before I start eating.

There are a lot of really awesome recipes online. My go-to websites are, and Check them out for healthy, yummy recipes! :)


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