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Oh my gosh, I'm so bad at puns and creative names. Haha! SOWWYYY

Okay, seriously now - my BFF Joandrea is such a positive influence to me in so many ways, and one of them is healthy eating! She got me into fruit and veggie smoothies - in fact, I was on the phone with her when I shopped for a blender at Cash & Carry! :) I complained to her that I'm having a hard time buying produce in Makati CBD groceries - it's either they don't have stocks of my go-to fruits and veggies, or the ones left aren't all too fresh anymore. That's not the fault of the stores, of course - I do have my lucky days when I visit the grocery just as they are re-stocking the shelves so I get first dibs. Haha!
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That's when she referred me to Gourmet Living Paranaque - she sent me the link to their Facebook page, and immediately, I went crazy with the choices! Everything's organically grown in Benguet - the farmers are taught organic techniques at Benguet State University. Okay, I'll admit that I'm not exactly a discerning consumer - all I really care about is that I get enough fruits and veggies everyday - but a healthier alternative is always welcome.

When I first inquired, they didn't deliver to Makati just yet, so I tried to sort my schedule so I can have my order delivered to BFF Joandrea's home, and then I'll just get it from there. But my schedule got so crazy that I wasn't able to make the arrangements. Luckily for me, though, Gourmet Living started delivering to Makati two weeks later. They deliver on Wednesdays, and I have the option to have the veggies brought straight to the condo (for a minimal add-on fee), or to just pick it up from the drop-off point, Grand Soho Makati, which is just down the street from my condo. The choice is obvious! :)
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I ordered my brand new staples: kale, spinach, lemons, and French beans, plus tomatoes and cucumbers. I actually had to stop myself from ordering too much! Haha! I'll just order again instead of wasting food due to spoilage - it's so convenient anyway. :)

Check out their Facebook page to know more ( - and to start ordering your healthy, organic veggies from them! They sell deli items and ice cream, too.


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