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Every time I publish something new on my blog, I share the link of it across my various social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and Instagram. I use hashtags that are relevant to whatever topic the post covers. When I got back into the regular rhythm of my life after The Great Mindanao Adventure 2015, I of course started blogging about the whole experience.
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When my post about General Santos City got published, I shared several photos of me paragliding on my Instagram account. A user named Roy left a comment on one of the pictures, asking if I'd like to share a few words about my experience for Smile, the travel magazine on every seat pocket of every Cebu Pacific flight ever! I almost dropped my phone when I read that comment! So of course I said yes!

I submitted my contribution via email, and Roy told me to expect it on an upcoming issue of their magazine. I don't want to count my chickens before they are hatched, so I won't say which month this is for until the issue is released and I see my name on it. But I'm too excited to wait for it to come out before I write a little something about it, haha! (LOW EQ, SORRY.)

If this goes well, I really would love the opportunity to contribute more to the said magazine. I've only embraced travel recently, and I've grown quite passionate about it. I wouldn't mind the opportunity to share my love for it with the world, through another passion: writing. :)


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