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I apologize in advance if this comes off as though I'm bragging; that's not the intention. I only want to share an achievement. You see, two different clients have recently told me that they liked how I write my event scripts. I've been writing for a long time now and it's only recently that I actually received compliments for it, and I owe that to having a mentor - my boss and friend, Lendro.

We recently had a brief heart-to-heart talk. He asked me how I liked working for him. Not to be sipsip (kiss-ass) or anything, but I do like working for him so that's what I told him. He probed further, asking if he's unreasonable or whatever. My response was truthful: in the moment when we argue, of course I think he's being unreasonable, but when the dust has settled, I always see the value of him pushing me to do better.
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My relationship with Lendro isn't complicated. We're friends outside of work, but when we're working on a project, it's clear that he's the boss. But he's the boss who wants me to think - he's never insecure about younglings having fresh ideas. In fact, he welcomes everything new and different. Right off the bat, he told me that I'm not supposed to just follow and follow what he says if I have a better idea. I'm encouraged to speak up and share my ideas. And that explains how and why I've grown a lot in the three years that I've been working for him.

I hope I can become a mentor to someone else the way Lendro was for me. :)


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