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And WOW. She's really pretty!

I'll admit I don't listen to her music. Not because I don't think she's any good (on the contrary, I think she's one of the really good singers we have in the country today), but because I prefer a different genre. I've seen her movies, though, and I like them.
Beautiful, talented, overall good person
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So anyway, I got to work with her for The Blood Rush Party, an activation/show/press conference for adult iron supplement, Sangobion IRON+, a brand she was endorsing. At the show, Sarah sang her new single, a collaboration with The Anemix (a girl group formed after the brand's nationwide anti-anemia campaign). She was practicing a bit in the holding area, a capella, and hearing her there gave me goosebumps. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but DAYMMM the girl can sing.

She's really, really, REALLY nice. When we were walking from her car to her holding room - even if she was surrounded by security - she made an effort to acknowledge everyone who said hi to her, smiling and waving. She was sincere, too - I could tell that she was genuinely happy to see her fans, and it was then that I understood why people are just so crazy about her. Very simple, polite, and despite her status as showbiz royalty in the Philippines, she's incredibly low maintenance.

I do hope I get to work with her again in the future. And when I do, I'll get my picture taken then because I've already become a fan. :)


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