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Just like anybody else, I have my good days and bad days, and the one thing that never fails to get me through a bad day is music! :) Back in high school, my go-to CD (yes, we had CDs then, haha!) is Lea Salonga Live Volume 1, a concert recording. One of the tracks there is called Happiness, a song sung by the cast of the stage musical, "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown."
Love this album!
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Lea covered the song with her brother, musical genius Maestro Gerard Salonga. It's so cute how, before they started singing, Lea joked about how it's a lot of fun to "embarrass" her younger brother by getting him to sing. Haha! I think it's part of the job description of being an older sibling - I've had my share of embarrassing moments courtesy of my Kuya Erroll. Haha!

They also shared how they got started working together - Lea was set to perform somewhere, and the machine that was supposed to play her music broke down. Good thing Gerard was there that night. They sat him on the piano, and he just started to play. From that point forward, the two have become one of the best brother-sister musical tandems - a la The Carpenters - the country has ever produced.

Back to the song - I actually heard the Salonga cover before the original. When I first heard it, I loved it so much that I went through the painstaking process of Googling the lyrics using dial-up internet at the time. I printed the words, pasted it on one of my notebooks, and every time I played the CD, I would patiently wait for the song to play so I can sing along to Lea's part (but on days when I couldn't sing too well, I'd sing to Gerard's part because of the lower register).

Without fail, singing that song with the Salongas (well, okay - they don't know that I'm singing with them, haha!) always, always makes me feel wonderful. It's the perfect reminder that happiness is in the little things: telling the time, walking hand-in-hand, two kinds of ice cream, five different crayons, being alone every now and then, and coming home again.

Thank you, Lea and Gerard Salonga, for the gift of your music. And more specifically, for your cover of this song, which got me through so many bad days since high school. I wasn't able to watch that concert, but if you will have another one, I'm there; I hope this song makes it to the repertoire again. :)


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