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My nephew, Jett, recently married the woman of his dreams, Megan, in Boracay earlier this month. Just like my dear friend Pauline's wedding, this one was just as magical - and aside from the couple's love for one another, a huge part of the magic is really from the venue! Jett and Megan were married by the beach, in a ceremony officiated by a Christian pastor.

I sang my first song, Ellie Goulding's How Long Will I Love You, during the exchange of rings. I had all but 24 hours to learn the song, and to this day, I'm thanking my lucky stars that it was pretty easy. The lyrics were so beautiful, and I had to really condition myself to not start crying! Haha!
I don't have a photo of me singing. HAHA
The comments about my number were pretty flattering (guests said it was very nice), and some were amusing. My cousin (Jett's mother), Ate Faye, thought it was a recording at first. She said it took her a while to realize that I was already singing! :) It helped that the guitarist and I were playing from the back, so no one could really see us perform. The focus remained on the couple, as it should be. :)

For the reception later in the day, I sang another three songs, the first of which is a wedding staple: Sharon Cuneta's Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko. It's funny - the moment I started to sing, some of the older guests of the wedding were having their photo taken with the bride and groom, and they jokingly scolded me for the song choice. :P

The other two songs were Adele's Make You Feel My Love, and Norah Jones's Come Away With Me. Because it was a family affair, I was quite relaxed, which meant singing came a bit easier for me. And then there's the magic of the whole affair - it just found its way to get translated to my singing! I loved being there. :)

Congratulations, Megan and Jett! And Kuya Bong and Ate Faye, for flying me in to sing! :)


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