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I started the year with a trip to Cebu for Chari's wedding, and then a side trip to Dumaguete before I headed home: I love getting away from the light, noise, and air pollution! Aside from that, and from seeing good friends, what I love about Dumaguete is the cheap food. A number of new places have opened since I was last there (which was just in September 2015, haha!), and I made sure to try two of them out.
Love this place! :)
First, Allegre - a tapas and cocktail bar along Rizal Boulevard. Natalie's been talking about the place since it opened, so I knew that I just had to go there. She swears by the cocktails, but I skipped that since I don't drink anymore. I ordered three dishes for sharing: Tenderloin Tips, Boquerones, and Tortilla de Chorizo.
Yum again!
The dishes are described on the menu, and if you're going to read it, you're not really going to think much of their offerings. But when you finally get to try their food, you will know that a lot of work (and a lot of love, even) went into the preparation and cooking. At first bite, I knew immediately why Nat loved the place.
Breakfast place!
Second, The Rollin' Pin - a bakery located along Katada St., near Silliman University. It was my work cafe while I was there, actually - they were open as early as 7am (perfect for the early bird that I am - when on vacation, at least). The coffee was okay, but the food was absolutely awesome. They serve freshly-baked pastries everyday, along with a great selection of sandwiches and pasta.

My favorite is the goat cheese and bacon panini. Yes, you read that right - goat cheese AND bacon - and you just can't go wrong with that combination! On one visit, I had two in one sitting! It helped that I was there before classes started in Silliman, so the place never got crowded while I was there. I got to work and enjoy my food. :)

If you ever find yourself in Dumaguete, I urge you to visit these places! :)


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