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2015 has taken me to a lot of places, old and new. I started with Boracay in February, followed by Sagada and Zambales in April, Cebu and Dumaguete, and of course, the highlight of my travel year was the ultimate backpacking adventure with my dear Hannah - #MindaNOWorNever! When I got back to Manila by mid-September, I thought I was done for the year already. But then I got the invite to the coolest Christmas party with the happiest, shiniest group of people I could ever hope to meet. The venue: ZAMBAWOOD!
The Happies!
Pen and Xander
My favorite part of the house!
Where we dined as a family
Zambawood is this magnificent property in Zambales. The house is one of the nicest vacation homes I’ve seen – designed to maximize the view of the wonderful surroundings (pine trees right outside the backyard, and the beach in the distance) and tastefully decorated with cozy furniture and beautiful accent pieces. There’s a small pool that’s perfect for hot days, and then there’s a Zambawood sign (just like Hollywood) for souvenir photos!

I was there with a great group of people, which just made my first-ever Zambawood visit even more memorable. Our hosts, Carla and Marvin, somehow assembled the right bunch – although we all came from different backgrounds, we just meshed together perfectly. There’s Pen and Xander, Chi and Ray, and Bryan and Mark whom I already met previously from Summer Siren 2015, plus Ed whom I met at Carla and Marvin’s home. It was good to be with them again – it’s just so easy to be around them. The ones I met just there were Franc and Chris, Pat and Tres, and Bianca (Mark’s girlfriend), and they’re just as awesome!

If next year’s Christmas party will be there, too, and with the same people, I am definitely signing up! J


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