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For people who don’t like the gym or yoga or sports or most other forms of exercise, I’d like to share an alternative workout you might enjoy: POI SPINNING!!!

My first attempt at poi spinning was ABSOLUTELY TRAUMATIC. A college acquaintance tried to teach me how to do it, and because my hand-eye coordination was non-existent at the time, I hit myself more times in the head than I cared to count (maybe that’s why I turned out the way I am now, HAHA!) – and one was actually right on the eye. For the longest time, I was too scared to try again.
Took a while for me to want to try again.
(photo from the internet)
Cut to a decade after, my friend Carla lent me her super lightweight poi. Of course I hit myself in the head a lot of times again, but because it was so light, it wasn’t enough to stop me from trying and trying until I actually learned to do the most basic moves. Our other friends, Pen, Jai, and Chi, also tried to teach me a couple of tricks, which I sort of got after a while.
The Flow Collective at Summer Siren 2016!
(photo borrowed from their Facebook page)
Okay, so in case you guys don’t have a Carla, Pen, Jai, or Chi in your lives, you can still learn poi spinning and other flow arts from a group called The Flow Collective. They’re a community of “movement and circus arts practitioners, including a variety of disciplines such as poi spinning, hula hooping, toss juggling, contact juggling, buugent/S-staff spinning, levitation wand dance, and aerial arts” (copied that from their website,

I first encountered their group in Summer Siren 2015, and I was so happy because they were all incredibly accommodating when I asked if they could teach me how to do poi spinning. They even lent me a set I could use! So you can imagine how happy I was to see them again in this year’s event! One of the girls from the group, Jennai, is a friend and neighbor of my brother from another mother, Franco (small world, eh?). She led the hoop class, while her colleague Aeron handled the poi spinning class that I joined. Aeron’s a really good teacher – and very PATIENT! He had to repeat the instruction about ten times before I finally got how to turn! Haha!

The Flow Collective is staging EIN SOF2: A FLOW ART SHOW this May 28, 2016 in Pineapple Lab in Palma St., Makati City. Tickets are sold for only Php350, so get yours today! There’s no word yet as to when they’re going to have their next public workshops, so just stay tuned to their Facebook page – - for announcements. And oh, I’m sure you’ll find them in the next Summer Siren, so you should be there! J


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