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My best friend, Joandrea, was diagnosed with lupus some years ago. To the unaware, lupus is an autoimmune disease, and it really hit her hard. There was a period when her life was at constant risk - she was in and out of the hospital a lot, and there was even a time when she couldn't walk because of a lupus-caused complication that hit her spine. It was very bad.

But that was a long time ago. Now, Jo is as healthy as most people - if not healthier! She still has lupus - there's really no known cure for it - but she's been off medication for a while now. She's managing the disease like the winner that she is. With the right mindset, the right diet, and the right exercise, my BFF beat the sh*t out of the disease that once had her by the throat.

Her goal was to get healthy. She started at a disadvantage (a major one, at that), but that motivated her all the more. She set her sights on her goal. She did her research. She created an easy-to-follow plan. And then she set said plan in motion.

She changed her diet dramatically, starting with taking out junk food. She occasionally indulges, but never to the point of binge eating - just enough to sate cravings, if she had any. She switched to healthy food, overloading on fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Even when she's out, she does her best to consume only the food that will do her body good.

Aside from proper diet, she made exercise a part of her daily routine. She talks regular walks, sometimes even twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon). She's working on getting stronger, too - she lifts weights and does resistance exercises.

I'm so proud of what she's accomplished. Not only did she get healthier and stronger, she got fitter, too! She lost all the weight she gained as a side effect of her lupus medication. She looks awesome - see for yourself:
After. AMAZING!!!
If you or anyone you know is suffering from lupus, leave a comment here and I'll put you in touch with Jo. She could share a few pointers with you on how she won her health and her life back! :)


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