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Yay! It’s finally out – my brief write-up on General Santos on the April 2016 issue of Cebu Pacific’s in-house magazine, SMILE! J

When Hannah and I went on our #MindaNOWorNever adventure from August to September 2015, I was constantly posting photos of our trip. It was my way of helping promote tourism in the country – using social media as a way to tell the world that my country is freaking awesome! Roy, one of the guys from SMILE, initiated contact by leaving a comment on the photo of me paragliding at SAFI Ranch in GenSan.

And here it is:
Yay!!! Thank you, Ink Publishing! :)
Time to book a Cebu Pacific flight this April so I could steal a copy! Haha! Just kidding. Thank you, Roy and the rest of the SMILE Team from Ink Publishing, for letting me share my GenSan experience with all your readers! Cheers!


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