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Three years. Close to a hundred scripts for events and audio-visual presentations. Copy for about five whole websites. Maybe forty Power Point presentations, more if you include the revisions. Twenty or so Excel sheets of budgets, cost estimates, and comparative matrices. A shitload of posts and comments over social media. An unbelievable number of emails. Almost a thousand films and TV series episodes watched and music and podcasts listened to. And over 700 blog posts. Written across several locations all over the Philippines, including Dumaguete, Mindanao, Cebu, Zambales, Baguio, so and so.
Thank you, Lenny!!!
Lenny, my trusty Lenovo Ultrabook 310, bought three years ago, will be joining her new owner soon. Before I let her go completely, I’d like to give her the tribute she deserves for the three years of reliable service. For the three years of letting me get my work done. For the three years of keeping me entertained. For the three years of being with me on every trip. For the three years of allowing me to express my thoughts in words.
Thank you, Lenny. You were an extension of me, and you’re a big part of my growth.


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