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Last weekend, I packed a bag and headed to Zambales for Summer Siren 2016! It’s the festival’s third year, and my second to attend. Seeya, Carla, Chris, and I headed there Friday, and Chi and Ray followed. It’s a shame that a number of people who were with us in 2015 couldn’t join us this year (Pauline’s pregnant, Khaela’s out of the country, and the others were just really busy with work/business/law school), but the festival was just so awesome that it was impossible not to enjoy!

2015 was good, but 2016 was even better. The event organizer in me just couldn’t help but notice how awesome this year’s stage was, and I must have said that to Pat, Mikey, and Jay at least five times – each!

Since we got there Friday after sundown, we had Saturday to participate in the different activities. I got the chance to learn a couple of poi tricks at the Flow Arts classes (I can turn with the poi now, yay!), and I also got to make my own ice cream at the Coleman booth! Last year, we only got there late Saturday, so I didn’t get to swim. This year was different – I made sure I got enough time in the water.
Under the Summer Siren
(photo from Carla)
I got to see a number of friends and acquaintances – Kio Priest (we tried to write a song together before), Miggy (a Dumaguete friend I met in Manila, haha!), plus some people from college. And oh, I met Bea Valera! She’s the voice behind “Free,” the Summer Siren anthem. I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I didn’t recognize her right away, but when I finally did, I shamelessly fangirled and introduced myself to her. I hope she comes out with an album soon!

The best part about this year was my friend Seeya’s primetime set. Yup, you read that right, folks – PRIME-FREAKIN’-TIME. He played a sundown set last year, so even if I enjoyed the music, I really felt so uncomfortable because it was so hot and I was too tired from the road trip. Seeya was on deck a little past 9PM, and boy, it was unbelievable.

Well, okay, forget my opinion because he’s my friend, and because I’m not exactly an authority in EDM. But a lot of people approached Carla after Seeya’s set to ask her where he played because they loved his music and wanted to hear more! 

Right in the middle of the set, I turned around and I saw the crowd dancing, jumping, moving to his music, and it gave me goosebumps. Although this is my second Summer Siren, it’s only now that I truly appreciated what it’s all about: bringing people together. The sight was overwhelming in a good way, and as a friend, I felt really proud of Seeya!

Congratulations, Seeya, and of course – Pat, Mikey, Homer, and the rest of the Summer Siren team! See you guys next year! J


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