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Last March, I bid my trusty Lenovo Ultrabook U310 (which I named Lenny) goodbye after more than three years of (mostly) reliable service. Lenny has been with me almost everywhere - I brought it to several trips to Cebu and Dumaguete, plus Baguio and Zambales, and it was in my bag throughout the entire #MindaNOWorNever adventure.

Thank you for your service, Lenny! I hope your new owner takes better care of you than I ever did.
Hello, Elise! :)
Taking its place in my life is an ASUS Zenbook UX305. My fingers adapted so easily to the new keyboard on the first day that I got it, and I immediately felt excited about all the wonderful scripts, concepts, stories, blog posts, Facebook posts, whatever else I will write using this wonderful tool. I still write by hand, and I always will - but having a computer lets me get so much more done.

It took me a while to find a name for the ASUS Zenbook UX305. Lenny is obviously from Lenovo, but I don't think I want a wordplay on Asus. Haha! So I've decided on Elise, after my mother, Elisa.

Maybe I'll put stickers on it after a year - or when there's a scratch I need to cover up (hopefully, that won't come soon!). For now, I'll enjoy its newness!

Looking forward to everything I will write with you, Elise!


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