The unbearable lightness of coffee

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My closest friends know that I have a mild obsession with Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being (I've read the book over and over, and I've seen the movie adaptation maybe ten times already), and for that reason, the logo of Caravan Black Coffee Company made my inner geek (well, okay - I'm a geek inside and out) deliriously happy - even if their bowler hat had absolutely nothing to do with Tomas or Sabina.
The real back story is this: during the time of the caravan trade, back when the West was young, traders wore bowler hats to be differentiated from cowboys. Interesting, yes, but I'll stick with my Kundera re-imagination for now. Or perhaps forever - I don't think I can ever let that idea go, not while this work of art remains in my line of sight as I sip from my cup of Flat White:
Caravan Black is located at Net Park, 4th Avenue, BGC - practically across the street from one of the companies I work for (the former office, that is - we've since moved to Rockwell). They only recently opened so I haven't had the chance to sample all their coffees just yet. But the one that I've tried - Flat White - is pretty good.  
Flat White
Order here! :)
And they have good sandwiches, too! Haha! I got to try their grilled cheese, and hands down, it's the best one I've tried in recent years. Yes, YEARS. There's just something with each bite that brought my childhood back (the good days!) in my mind - a certain comfort that I remember only ever feeling at home, hanging out with my family on a Sunday afternoon. Although it's nothing fancy, it's definitely done really well. There's an unexpected subtle hint of fruit that just totally blew me away!
Grilled cheese with a twist.
Do yourselves a favor and try that grilled cheese with your coffee if you find yourselves there. Or better yet, carve out time to go there. Mornings and weekends are nice because there aren't that many people yet - the interior design has all the right touches that writers (like me) will appreciate (and maybe even find inspiring). :)


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