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I died a little on my first Mt. Talinis hike (Twin Falls via Apolong Trail of the mountain's Valencia side) last January. At the time, I smoked like a chimney, I wasn't working out at all, I hardly got enough rest from work, and it certainly didn't help that I wore the wrong shoes to the hike, and I didn't even bring a jacket. Although the sights were well-worth the pain, I know I could have enjoyed the experience even more if I were more prepared.
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So I did, starting with *drum roll please* I accidentally quit smoking! Yes, accidentally - I caught the flu, which pinned me to my bed for almost an entire week. And because I couldn't get up and leave my apartment to buy cigarettes, I couldn't smoke. By the time the virus had run its course, my nicotine cravings were gone. YAY!
Homecooked goodness!
Veggies from Gourmet Living - not all mine
(Photo borrowed from their Facebook page)
Drinking was never really my idea of fun, so staying off alcohol was super easy. Dieting, on the other hand, was a bit trickier, but I managed with a little help from the app My Fitness Pal! It allowed me to track not only the number of calories I'm consuming, but also the specific nutrients. I needed a lot of protein, which I got from eggs, chicken breast fillet, and fish fillet. For my veggies, I have  Gourmet Living to thank for making sure that I had a steady supply of kale and French beans!
Best alternative to fast food: FABURRITO! 
On days when I can't cook, I just walk over to Faburrito for my go-to chicken bowl. Haha! I know I said I'll sample their other offerings but I just couldn't help but order my favorite whenever I'm there!
Jiu-Jitsu Brothers.
(Photo by Erika Lim)
Whenever my work schedule would let me, I trained jiu-jitsu at WAP - this was after I completed the minimum number of therapy sessions the doctor prescribed for my cervical strain, the latest of my physical injuries. Haha! And I supplemented that with strength training (kettlebell exercises, mainly) and with a little bit of cardio (poi spinning).

Everything I did to get in shape certainly made the climb so much more enjoyable. I'll make it a point to prepare just as much for when it's time to conquer the summit of Mt. Talinis.


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