People left a trace :(

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Last June, I joined the company outing of Stratminds. Although I'm only a freelancer, Lendro was kind enough to extend to me an invitation. I never say no to an opportunity to drive away from the craziness of the city, so of course I said yes. It's a shame that I got my period the moment we got there - which meant I spent the entire afternoon of our first day there pinned to the bed, unable to move because of the pain.

With the help of medication, I felt a little better towards the evening. I was able to join the tail-end of the discussion, and then dinner. I even had a bottle of beer; I don't usually drink, but Lendro said it will help with the cramps so I gave it a try. It did help, and the following morning, I felt so much better. Especially when I woke up to this:
At the very least, it was quiet. We had the place to ourselves.
That morning, our scheduled activity was "island hopping," although we didn't technically go to separate islands - we actually just went around the coast of Calatagan. Which was okay - simply being out on sea was enough for me. I took deep, relaxed breaths of the fresh morning air, and although I couldn't swim (no tampons, huhu), I was having a good time soaking in the view and getting unevenly tanned.
From afar
Like a boss
But the experience went a bit awry when we stopped at one beach to have lunch and I saw trash. TRASH. Basura. Lots of it. Left behind by irresponsible campers. Plastic bags. Food packaging. Tissue paper. And what made it worse was that a lot of the trash got to the water, so in some parts of the journey, our boat was cutting through garbage.
This made me furious!
I was enraged that they left a trace. You're not supposed to leave a trace. When you climb a mountain or go to the beach or go to any place to be close to nature, you make memories, take photographs, and LEAVE NO TRACE. It's basic etiquette and I am appalled that there are people who just don't seem to get it. Everyone needs to learn how to take care of the environment - and the most basic thing they can contribute is to not pollute it!
I don't think I'll ever head back to this part of Calatagan again; seeing all that garbage in the water really left me quite traumatized. I had a good time, though, thanks to good company and good food. And there are some pictures in my head and in my phone where the trash wasn't there, so I'll just edit the memories and look back only on the good ones. But I do hope that the government does something about it.


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