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I try to get away from Imperial Manila as much as I can. I'm lucky that, most of the time, I have the flexibility to work from anywhere (for as long as there's decent working internet), so staying in Dumaguete for weeks on end (and how could we forget the epic #MindaNOWorNever?) isn't a problem. But there will always be periods when I'm so swamped with work or when I have to be on-ground that I just can't pack a bag and leave. Because, adulting.

So it's a good thing that my friend Erika and I have this shared love for Zambales. Twice this year, in between our respective travel plans, we got in her car and drove north for some much needed peace and quiet by the sea. And what we both love about Zambales is the drive there. Get a load of this view at SCTEx that we just had to stop for:
Like, dude. Srsly
Our first trip was in April/May, and we visited Crystal Beach in San Narciso. It's where Summer Siren is held every year, and I wanted to go back there to mourn my friend Pen's passing two weeks prior. I don't dance, so you can just imagine how awkward it was for me to be in a beach rave, but Pen made every effort to make me feel comfortable. He even taught me a couple of moves that were easy enough for me to follow with my two left feet. That act of kindness will stay with me forever. 

The beach was, for the most part, quiet - we were there on Labor Day weekend so practically everyone was in Boracay. I was able to say goodbye to Pen by whispering a prayer to the sea.
Erika and I decided to skip renting a cottage and just pitch a tent. Which was okay, except that the first night we were there was so uncomfortably warm that we barely slept. The next night was better, when we decided to ditch the tent altogether and just sleep on the beach. Haha! 
Our home
Happy campers
Thank you for this skill, Penpen!
(photo by Erika Lim)
I spent a lot of hours practicing poi spinning, and I got Erika to try it, too. Pen taught me how to spin and although I'm not a natural, I kept at it because it was just too much fun. I used my brother's old zips - the kind that had tail ribbons - and I let myself dream that I'm some sort of flow artist. :) 

For our second Zambales trippy, Erika and I went to Board Culture Liw-Liwa in San Felipe, which is about 30 more minutes away from Crystal Beach. We decided to book actual accommodations because of the weather - the rainy season has arrived, and we didn't want to get our stuff wet. Besides, both of us had some creative work to do - we just needed a change in scenery to be inspired.

We liked it better there because there were hardly any people (we're both mildly allergic to people, haha!). I guess it helped that summer's already over. We practically had the beach to ourselves, save for a few fellow tourists here and there. Which was perfect, because we had an ulterior motive for being there: a product shoot for The Wandering Wave!
No tents this time.
The idea started in Crystal Beach. Erika brought this beautiful mandala beach roundie, and I did a headstand right in the middle of it. See below:
At Crystal Beach
(Photo by Erika Lim)
She told me that she and her friend started a business to sell these mats locally. They're made by hand in India, and they're pretty hard to find. Anyway, I joked that when their next shipment arrives, we should drive to Zambales again so I can "model" the items with the few yoga poses that I know. Sometimes, jokes are good ideas, so yeah - we actually did that! Here are some of the snaps:
Give me an A!
(Photo by Erika Lim)
On one foot!
(Photo by Erika Lim)
First time to try crow (FAIL)!
(Photo by Erika Lim)
Power lifter legs, yo!
(Photo by Erika Lim)
There's plenty of room for improvement with this pose
(Photo by Erika Lim)
Aside from our photo shoot, one of the highlights of the trip was spending time with some local folks there. James is the brother of the guy who owns the property, and he stays there to run BCL. He's a swell dude who gave me the shock of a lifetime when he told me that not all surfers knew how to swim. WHUUUT. I later confirmed from other sources that he was telling the truth.
By the bar!
Together with his nephew, his second mother - Nanay Joan (I hope I remembered her name right!), and her biological son, we had a mini-movie marathon at the bar (named Molo's after that bar in Sikatuna, QC!) starting with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and ending with Sister Act 2! :) I brought my hard drive with me, so I shared some of the movies I had with them. I promised to bring them new flicks when Erika and I head back there.

Yup, we're definitely going back there, if only for this:
Sky's on fire.
Hovering low.
I'm pretty bent on retiring in Dumaguete, but Zambales would be a wonderful second choice.


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