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I've been writing for a really long time now, and throughout my journey, I've had to deal with people who critique and people who criticize my work. I consider myself very lucky because I've encountered more of the former; I've had great teachers and mentors - amazing people I admire and respect. They are the forces that shaped me into the writer I am today, and one in particular continues to do so as we go through project after project.

Although I do occasionally take a breather from writing in order to recharge my batteries, I never entertained the possibility of parking my pen for good - except once, back in college, when a very good friend of mine, someone I thought very highly of, told me that maybe I just "wasn't born to write."

For the record, I do not think he was trying to put me down. On the contrary, I think he was looking out for me - he pointed out all the other skills I could focus on developing instead of writing. He even encouraged me to pursue music; he said I had a unique voice that could really change things up in the scene.
Again, I really looked up to this person, so when he told me that I wasn't born to write, it really got to me. I haven't decided yet whether I was going to stop writing for good, but I did take a semester-long break from writing in order to really think about my options. The only things I wrote during this time were papers required for school.

But it was one of those required papers that would turn out to be my salvation. My final essay for one of my favorite subjects got an A - from a professor who was notorious for not handing out that grade. It wasn't so much the grade as the note that came with it that brought me back to writing. He told me that I had a way with words and that he thoroughly enjoyed reading my work.

That's when I finally got out of my self-imposed writer's block.

I will be forever grateful to my professor for that encouraging note. There are days when I wonder how my life would be different if he didn't scribble those words on my paper. Would I have really let that friend of mine keep me from writing?

Maybe, maybe not, I wouldn't really know, and trying to imagine what life would be like if I weren't writing is pretty scary. I'm much older now, and although I'm not all too wise just yet, I know better than to let another person's opinion stop me from doing what I love.

Now I know that I was born to write. I may not be the one to write the next great epic, or the biggest Filipino novel in modern history. But I am a writer, and I must never let anyone tell me otherwise.


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